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5* Review of Ukulele Orchestra show

Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain

— February 13, 2017

Let there be no doubt, the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain are a very special group of players. It’s not just the virtuosity of their playing, the naff gags or the deliberate underselling of their brilliance. There is something intrinsically English about them, one foot in vaudeville the other here in the present, re-arranging and breaking down classic tunes to the extent that the new versions seem definitive. It’s true, 31 years refining your craft helps but that doesn’t diminish their greatness, merely reinforces it. If you haven't seen them before then go, if you have then I’ll see you there next time.

Assembly Hall, Worthing, 11 February 2017
Lee Stevens

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5* Review of Ukulele Orchestra show
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