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Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain™

"Heresy II Heritage Tour" 2017

In 1985, when it seemed anyone who could programme a synthesizer could manufacture a hit, the ukulele was the most maligned of instruments.  Small, stringed and acoustic, the humble uke was deeply unfashionable on every music scene from pop to classical.  To start a ukulele 'orchestra' was viewed as lunacy by some and just plain heresy by most and there lies the irony.  As potent today as it was back then, the irony of a ukulele ensemble playing Wagner or Kraftwerk has endured.

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain has become a global sensation and nothing short of a UK national treasure. 'Heresy II Heritage', their new tour, charts the Uke's  rise from curiosity to virtuosity, from village hall to the Royal Albert Hall.  The Ukes of GB have performed for the British Royal Family, the BBC Proms, Sydney Opera House and Carnegie Hall, but heretics they remain, poking fun at the cultural elite, defying you to believe their own hype, bemuse by all the hot air.

On an ongoing "hand-luggage only" world tour, the Ukes provide pure entertainment, dead-pan British humour and foot-tapping music. Expect the unexpected, whether re-imagining folk songs, twisting classical music favourites, uncovering quirky versions of rock covers, or playing the performers' own all-original compositions.

from curiosity to virtuosity, 
from opacity to veracity,
from performers to barn-stormers. 

This cavalcade of renegades,
once undersized now idolised,
has been transformed 
From Heresy to Heritage.


“May well turn out to be one of the turning points of 21st Century Art.”
Brian Eno

“Iconoclastic. Unabashed genre crashing antics. Nothing is spoof proof.”
Sunday Times

“Most people have to die before they become immortal.
These ukulele superstars have no such worries.”
New Musical Express

“The best musical entertainment in the country”
The Independent 

“They extract more than seems humanly possible from
so small and so modest an instrument”
The New York Times

“They have grown into a much-loved institution”
The Observer

“The sophisticated sound they make – both percussive and melodic – is at once hilarious and heartfelt”
The Financial Times

“The Best of British”
Michael Palin

“The ukulele has found its avant garde”
The Guardian

“A musicologist’s nightmare”
Music Week

“Wonderfully clever”
David Bowie

Guitar Magazine

“Among the great entertainers”
Evening Standard

“…few concerts this year matched this ensemble’s November performance”
New York Times

(Top 5 Season Highlights at Carnegie Hall, NY)

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
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