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Sarah Savoy's Hell-Raising Hayride

To anyone who grew up in a small town in Louisiana, the mention of a 1960s dancehall conjures up images of smoky bars with dirty floors and wood-panelled walls, awful lighting, rough characters in coveralls, quiet musician’s wives across the room from beer-swilling broads, cars the size of boats parked on gravel in front, hand-painted signs warning customers to behave themselves, and, most of all, it was one of the most important and inspirational eras of Louisiana music.

With her Hell-Raising Hayride, Sarah Savoy combines these images with those of the Louisiana Hayride, a radio show out of Shreveport, Louisiana, which broadcast from 1948-1960 and featured many of her other major musical influences including Elvis Presley, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, and more. Savoy herself has been referred to as a “Louisiana singer with hell-raising credentials” and in this band she holds true to that style, singing and playing the Acadian accordions handmade by her father. Backing her are Thomas Bailey (USA) on fiddle, Manolo Gonzales (FR) on electric guitar, Marius Pibarot (FR) on electric bass and Marty Vickers (CA) on drums, and together they create beautiful vocal harmonies to counter-balance the heaviness of the music–a little saturated, getting a little dirt on with bass-y accordion, reverb-heavy electric guitar, wild fiddling, and drums.

Jump on for the ride!

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Sarah Savoy's Hell-Raising Hayride
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