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The Perch Creek Family Jugband

The Perch Creek Family Jugband are a dynamic band consisting of five energetic multi-instrumentalists and vocalists, four of whom happen to be siblings. The band performs original songs with a high energy, harmony driven sound drawing from folk, roots and gospel. 

Originally from Perch Creek in the North Coast area of NSW, the band has recently exploded onto the Melbourne scene, earning themselves a reputation as purveyors of quality music and entertaining antics among audiences of Australia's music capital.

With humble beginnings as a street jug band led by their eccentric father, Bob Hodgkins, The Perch Creek Family Jugband has been performing and evolving over the best part of 10 years. Bob has since hung up his jug band hat and handed the reins over to the rest of the band who have harnessed the passion originally instilled by their old man, while taking the music far beyond the well-trodden territory of traditional jug band music.

The Perch Creek Family Jugband are a staple on the Australian festival circuit, with their career taking them from dusty street corners to The Sydney Opera House, as well as two successful tours of Europe and the UK.

The band's second studio album featuring the single Big Things Calling is set to be released in early 2014 alongside an international tour.




The Perch Creek Family Jugband
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