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Bedouin Jerry Can Band

The Bedouin Jerry Can Band (BJB) are semi-nomadic musicians, storytellers and coffee grinders from the settlement of Abo El Hossain in the Egyptian Sinai desert - a designated Stratocaster-free zone!
The group’s songs and poetry recount the exploits of ancient Arabian tribes though fables of trusty camels, warnings of the dastardly deeds of sheep rustlers, and tales of unrequited love for the girl in the next settlement with beautiful eyes.

Blending melodies from the ancient 5-string Simsimiyya lyre with desert flutes, reed pipes and the wolf-skin Rababa fiddle, BJB perform the purest, raw desert music accompanied by a cacophony of junk percussion – clay jugs, rusty ammunition boxes and jerry cans salvaged from the former battlegrounds of the six-day war of 1967.

The band's CD 'Coffee Time' additionally features guest vocals on three tracks by the veteran Egyptian collective El Tanbura.

Bedouin Jerry Can Band
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