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Cumbia All Stars

Cumbia All Stars’ performance at Glastonbury 2015 on the West Holts Stage confirmed how they have become the veritable stars of Peruvian “Chicha”, reinforced during their European-wide tour over the summer.

The 8-piece Cumbia All Stars come from the legendary bands of Peruvian Cumbia and, after 40 years, they meet again to finally play together the music they participated in creating. Psychedelia was a phenomenon that only could have occurred during the sixties in Peru, a product of the effervescent environment of rediscovered freedoms when psychedelia took root in the removed cities of Amazonia, and among children of immigrants who gave birth to a musical genre that is now an integral part of the Peruvian identity.

Delirious melodies, bold guitar, latin grooves and jerky beats – these guys swing!

The Cumbia All Stars are the true creators of Peruvian Cumbia and interpret during their concerts the most emblematic songs and the forgotten treasures of the repertoire of “Chicha” and are :-

*Lucho Carrillo* (vocals)
*Lucho Reyes * (lead guitar)
*Fernando Diaz Loli* (rythmic guitar)
*Manuel Gomez Cucho* (bass)
*Dante Reyes* (baterie & drums)
*Enrique Yllescas* (drums)
*Ernesto Cadenas* (congas)
*Rogelio Arguedas* (bongo)

Access All Areas is proud to be representing the group and welcomes enquiries from all parties wanting to travel back to the psychedelic roots of the Peruvian Cumbia!

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Cumbia All Stars
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