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The Grand Indian Bazaar

The Grand Indian Bazaar, is a travelling Indian street market available alongside our touring artists, Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band and Circus Raj.

The bazaar is a colourful and vibrant hive of activity, a window onto the way of life in Rajasthan and its rich heritage of arts and culture. It comes in several formats – as an optional extra to supplement performances by the band and/or circus, as a stand-alone installation or  one or more of the features to suit promoters own interests. Content includes :-

Sanganeri – hand-block printing techniques originating from Sanganer, a village in the south of Jaipur. How clothes are made – block printing of fabric using carved wooden blocks, pattern designs, making and mixing natural dyes, cutting and stitching materials.

Textile Junkies –  our new partner organisation promoting sustainability and the circular economy, offering workshops in up-cycling surplus sari fabric and other materials into new fashion items and crafts.

Mendhi – body art and temporary skin decoration usually drawn on hands or legs, in which decorative designs are created on a person’s body. Demo by a specialist in this artform with opportunity to go away with a henna tattoo.

Ethnic clothing – displays and demos of traditional Indian clothes; chance to dress up in saris and other clothes, turbans, camel skin shoes etc. Dressing up box and photo booth opportunity for visitors.

Shop ’til you drop at Amber and Ayesha’s market stall offering authentic, traditional Rajasthani clothes, accessories and wares.

Dance styles – demos and workshop led by our beautifully costumed Rajasthani dancer in Kalbelya (snake dance) and Bollywood styles.

Jewelry and body adornment – demos and workshops of the design and making of anklets, bracelets, necklaces, rings, headdresses etc

Rajasthan cuisine –  Using traditional ingredients and methods – making chai, chapatis, egg curry, dhal, etc.

Music and song  led by the brass band, learn the lyrics to popular Bollywood songs, with audience participation parading with the band.

Circus Skills  – workshops featuring tumbling, juggling, contortions, face painting, pot balancing and costumery.

Roving performances – by the Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band and Circus Raj featuring their fakir with his extreme tricks and the beautifully costumed dancer’s amazing displays.

The Grand Indian Bazaar

Description and Method Statement



The bazaar comprises a collection of activity areas housed inside a marquee,  presented in a semi-circle arrangements of gazebos housing six different features.

There is also a central area for dance, music and circus skills workshops, which can also take place outside.

Where the Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band and/or Circus Raj are booked they will make ad hoc appearances in the bazaar throughout its opening hours.




  1. Amber and Ayesha

A presentation and retail unit featuring hand-block printed men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and accessories, children’s toys, printing blocks and kits.


  1. Textile Junkies

A workshop area offering projects in up-cycling surplus textiles to produce festival head dresses, bags, hats, etc.


  1. Block printing

Hands on sessions using traditional Indian wooden blocks to print onto fabric and tote bags.


  1. Mehndi

One to one Henna painting of patterns directly onto skin.


  1. Jaipur Kitchen

Demonstration of preparing traditional Rajasthani cuisine. Not for consumption by audience.


  1. Dress up box and photo booth.

An opportunity for audience to choose Indian outfits, wear them and go away with a photo of themselves.




The bazaar opening hours are flexible and can run from 9.00am to 7.00pm with a continuous programme.

Amber and Ayesha, open all hours.

Textile Junkies, timed sessions throughout the day. Bookings only

Block printing, timed sessions throughout the day. Bookings only

Mendhi. Three 2 hour timetabled periods per day, bookings only for a 10-15 minute session.    

Jaipur Kitchen. Demonstrations of making a traditional Indian breakfast, chai, chapati’s and dinner.

Dress up box. Open on the hour for 45 minutes at a time all day.

Music dance and circus workshops, daily timetable to be advertised on the day.


Production team


Promoter to supply an erected 20m by 12m marquee or similar sized covered  space, ideally with carpet/flooring, lighting and electricity sockets, wifi, table and chairs, backstage toilet, water point, camping for 12, space for campervan, caravan and car, scaffold for front signage and assistance in erecting sign, bar with pulley to suspend decor and security overnight.


Bazaar staff will supply and erect 8 gazebos, fully decorate and style the marquee, run the activities, provide all props, fittings, stock and materials.




Please contact Graham Breakwell, Access All Areas, 01743 235384 or 07850 734182.


Grand Indian Bazaar Camp Bestival Dorset 2022
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The Grand Indian Bazaar
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