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Varttina (trio)

Mari Kaasinen vocals and kantele
Susan Aho vocals and accordion
Karoliina Kantelinen vocals and kantele

One of Finland’s biggest musical exports, Värttinä have their feet firmly rooted in Finnish language, culture and history, but with a sound that is entirely their own. From ancient folk tales and laments to self-composed dance songs, their exquisite three-part harmonies are exhilarating and moving by turn.

Their latest and thirteenth studio album “Viena”, is inspired by a trip to the Viena Karelian folklore villages in Russia, where they had unique encounters with the last surviving ‘rune singers’ in the region. These singers are the last living connection to an ancient culture that is thousands of years old, and out of which Kalevala folk poetry tradition was born. Expect powerful songs about legend, landscape and ancestral lore.

The three singers are on fire. Songlines

Varttina trio
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Varttina (trio)
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