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The Endless Journey - Archived

The Participants


Tuareg singer, guitarist and songwriter Alhousseini Anivolla and Wodaabe singer Bammo Agonla have toured Europe, Canada, America and Australia with the internationally acclaimed group Etran Finatawa.  Mamane Barka is a charismatic musician and ethnomusicologist who is widely known in Niger as a virtuoso ugurumi player. Internationally, he is best known as the last master of the Biram, a sacred instrument of the Boudouma people that he learnt in order to save it from obscurity.  Oumarou Adamou, the son of a Hausa Griot, is a famed percussionist and lifelong friend of Barka.  Together, their swirling strings, driving rhythms and haunting vocals evoke the vast open spaces of the desert and the very soul of nomadic life.

 Feature on Mamane Barka in fRoots Jan 2009. Click HERE  to download

The Endless Journey
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