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Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band

The Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band is a living embodiment of this landscape, a spectacular celebration of its vibrant and colourful lifestyle, their music and dance a heady, exciting and hypnotic reflection of this enchanting region. 

Extensive touring since 2015 has established them as the premier touring Rajasthani brass band for literally all events, from festivals and melas to parties and weddings. With a diverse repertoire spanning Rajasthani folk songs, Bollywood hits, spiritual qawwali, Bhangra beats. sci-fi and intergalactice funk, these vividly costumed artists cover the full spectrum of the evocative and joyous music that governs life in Rajasthan. 

Over the past three years we have continually expanded the group's repertoire and audience appeal, specially last summer when a number of site-specific commissions were successfully delivered :-

Bluedot. Performing a rousing tribute to cult British Science Fiction and other Intergalactic funk from the silver screen on the main stage at Jodrell Bank ahead of Goldfrapp; in the Delia Derbyshire Tribute led by Dick Mills and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop where they played the Dr Who theme; The Man Behind the Mask talk with Dave Prowse, (AKA Darth Vader) and Brian Muir who made the mask, where they played the Star Wars theme;  and playing in the crowds around the iconic telescope and in the main arena.

Glastonbury. Performing at Opening Number, the prestigious Thursday night reception for invited guests and media in the Pyramid backstage area; featuring on Cerys Mathews' BBC Radio 6 Music live Sunday broadcast, supporting Greenpeace with two live shows on their stage, daily Big Top shows in the Theatre and Circus Fields and walkabouts amongst the huge crowds throughout the vast festival site.

Bestival and Camp Bestival. Taking genuine Bollywood music to Rob and Josie's spectacular Bollywood Tent; leading three wedding processions to the surprise of the happy couples and their guests.  

Festival No. 6 Portmeirion. Fulfilling two missions in one day - participating in the 50th Anniversary of the release of The Beatles seminal Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, parading while playing When I'm 64 and other famous tunes; and playing the theme from The Prisoner during The Prisoner Appreciation Society's annual visit to the birthplace of the cult TV series. 

BBC's World on 3.  Surprising Kathryn Tickell with a riotous live session on Radio 3's flagship World music show and giving the Dr Who theme an airing in its spiritual home.

Roald Dahl Day. Joining the Fantastical Creatures on parade and enjoying a day of whizzfizzing fun in Aylesbury, with a selection of entertaining children's music.      

The New North and South. Getting the new three-year long festival of South Asian culture underway with a rousing performance at Manchester's famous Band on the Wall, the day after Circus Raj and Caravan Raj had delighted vast crowds outside The Whitworth Gallery.   

 For 2018 we are reforming the line-up a little and adding a selection of new but old songs, aimed at surprising unsuspecting audiences with some familiar and well-known but totally unexpected popular songs. 

Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band
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