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Dammed Nations in Songlines

Our friends at Songlines have just published a feature on the upcoming Dammed Nations tour which hits the Newsstands (High street and Digital versions) on Friday 31st Jan. Check out the Songlines Podcast via iTunes for an exclusive preview of a song from Nuba Nour’s forthcoming album .

Mae ein ffrindiau yn Songlines newydd gyhoeddi nodwedd ar y taith Cenhedloedd Dan Ddyfroedd.  Mae’r cylchgrawn ar hyn o bryd at y stondinau Newyddion (fersiwn Stryd Fawr a Digidol), hefyd rhowch gipolwg ar y Podcast trwy iTunes am rhagolwg o gan o albwm newydd Nuba Nour.

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Dammed Nations in Songlines
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