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Bayou Seco


Ken Keppeler and Jeanie McLerie, aka Bayou Seco, have spent a lifetime soaking up the traditional music of Louisiana, New Mexico and Arizona. Using a simple line up of fiddle, accordion, banjo and guitar they take their audience on a musical odyssey through the American southwest, performing and reinvigorating long forgotten songs and dances with wit, warmth and style. Their love-affair with the folk traditions of the southwest has already lasted thirty years, and it’s still going strong.

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'There are few artists who bring such an understanding of and passion for the music they perform as this utterly admirable duo.'  Vic Smith fROOTS Aug/Sept 2011

Click HERE to view full review of Bouquet in fROOTS Aug 2011

‘Whoever coined the term roots music must have had the uncanny Bayou Seco in mind.’  Dan Willging Dirty Linen 

'I'm sure I hadn't heard a better audience response the whole weekend. And deservedly so, as this was a joyful, life affirming, exhilarating set.'  Jonathan Aird American Uk

‘That’s what Bayou Seco do ….. learn wonderful but neglected music from old timers, have extraordinary fun playing it, and inspire others to pass it on.’

Ian Anderson, fRoots reviewing CD ‘The Little
Pleasures of Live’.

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Live Review by Culture Northern Ireland.


Review from Garway Village Hall by Tim Bannerman

May 2012

'Pappa's on the roof and he won't come down!'
So, Ken, Jeanie and Tomás, their 22 year old punk musician godson, spoke to me and everyone, old and young, big and small, in Garway Village Hall as they took us on a journey through the flesh-eating swamps of Louisiana, hill-billy country in the Appalachians and the hot, sweaty world of New Mexico. Bayou Seco's trick is to cock a Cajun fiddle-banjo-guitar-harmonica snook to the darker side of life, whether it's domestic angst or lost love or being chased by a bear and eaten in the forest. And when the bear is Ken with his long, grey beard tucked up behind his glasses, then you have to laugh as you dance with him and his crazy Appalachian feet. Young Tomás held us in his handsome gaze as voice and fiddle cast their seductively un-punk spell and Jeanie held all together what could have spilled around a bit (like Momma in the kitchen), as I suspect she does in 'most everything. The three Silver City folk swung us in the palms of their harmonious hands and took us with them to a hotter, sweeter, wilder and more restorative world. If anything could get me off that roof and put a sparkle in my eye, they could!


Bayou Seco
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