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2018 Release Schedule

Soothsayers signed to  Wah Wah 45s  in 2017 andreleased their 6th album in June 2018.

David Rodigan BBC Radio 1xtra  “A fantastic live band representing British reggae and roots music at it’s freshest “

John Masouri - Echoes  “rebels with a cause free of both cliche and victimhood - they’ve excelled themselves here….like listening to Roy Ayers after a working holiday in Jamaica ”

Sarah Ward - Jazz FM  “Tradition is an album that touches the human spirt and taking the listener on reflectional and uplifting sonic journey“  "Soothsayers is in a league of their own with their fusion of reggae and afrobeat. Traditionis familiar, but at the same time something unique." 

Chris May - All AboutJazz  "Tradition is number seven in a chain of consistently excellent Soothsayers albums. ... a characteristically inclusive London mash-up ofreggae, dub, Afrobeat and jazz. It is all bound together with a strictly-roots vibe—in the20 years Soothsayers has been in existence, fads and fashions have come and gone,and the band has continued unwaveringly along its chosen path".  "This is Feel good music with a summer glow hitting all the right spots. Track it down."

Epitomizing the notion of irrepressible, Soothsayers’ sixth studio album “Tradition” simultaneously acknowledges a debt to musical heroes as well as demonstrating how perceived boundaries can be re drawn. Tradition’s sustained burst of danceable joy is driven by the spirit and legacy of innovation. Sumptuous melodies and moody bass lines allure and entice the listener, breathing new life into the sonic space between afrobeat and dub. In Soothsayers’ hands, strong and bold vocal harmonies and brass driven rhythmic grooves find a remarkable sonic habitat that allows this band to proudly stand alone in the crowded musical landscape of today. If this is not enough to convince then add bursts of jazz improvisation aimed at the spirit and a rhythmically tightly coiled ensemble of musicians with contemporary, gritty studio production that captures the spirit of Soothsayers incredible live gigs.


The Guardian: “Thrilling harmonies…seriously infectious dance floor grooves…goose bump-inducing vocals.”

Metro (London): “Afro-dub at its most infectious, an energetic burst of musical virtuosity that is both conscious and peppily propulsive.”

Mojo: **** “A heady sonic brew, crafted in the best jazz tradition by drawing respectfully from disparate elements…the album is full of irresistibly funky grooves, intricate percussion, virtuoso vocals, elaborate guitar lines and swinging horns, with meaningful lyrics and uncommon vocal arrangements raising the overall musical standard one level higher.”

Uncut: **** “One of the finest slices of a Anglo-Caribbean fusion since The Specials in their prime...artfully mixing in funk and Afrobeat to their deep dub.”

Clash Magazine: “A truly intoxicating dub experience...featuring a galaxy of reggae and dub the best jambalaya it’s hot and spicy and will leave you grinning from ear to ear.”

Echoes: “An impressive mosaic of Afrobeat, dub and funky fusion…dynamic volleys of call and response…cascading horn riffs and melodies.”

Jazzwise: **** “Tangled Roots shows how exciting and diverse things get when you hold a mirror up to London’s musical melting pot.”

Straight No Chaser: “The whole disc constitutes a major step forward for one of the hardest working and most creative groups on the scene.”

Froots: Uniquely representing how pan-African music has influenced modern Britain.”

XLR8R: “African rhythms filtered through the prism of dub…accomplished musicianship…highly compelling.”

BBC Radio 3: “The eclectic blend works perfectly with the sound being organic and unique. It reflects the diverse cultural influences in modern urban Britain.” “Soothsayers played this at Paradise Gardens in Victoria Park, June 2009. To say their live performances are 'blistering' is an understatement. This is absolutely one of the best live performances I've seen, comparable only to bands like De La Soul or AWB in their ability to whip up a crowd and get them feeling awesome…go and see them!”

Daily Star – Dhaka, Bangladesh: “Soothsayers took the audience on an exciting and mystical journey harmonised by a mix of reggae, Afro-funk and urban jazz…blending pulsating rhythms with soothing ones, creating a whole a new adventure…one of the best acts in this festival.”

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