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Cajun Country Revival

A very happy audience member in Norway.

"I love music that makes me happy. And yours does!!! So I also went to the concert on Monday.  I love all of you guys, but I just have to say this: Nadine: When you are singing, it’s like a waterfall pouring down on you on a hot summer day. So amazing".

The Shetland Times  Stuart Hannay 2017

'When The Cajun Country Revival appeared on stage, I thought I was stereotyping all female double bass players as I was sure I’d seen her before.

It turns out I had – Nadine Landry was a member of the Foghorn Stringband who took Burravoe by storm a few years ago.

There was less patter in-between the songs, partly explained by Joel Savoy, one of the band’s two excellent fiddlers: “We don’t usually do concerts. We’re a dance band and will often play at dances for five hours.”

Jesse Lége, the accordion player and singer, led the band through a series of fantastic two-steps, waltzes and country songs, interspersed with fascinating vignettes about the history of Cajun music and why, in the Deep South of Louisiana, they sang in French.

The fact that the Cullivoe Hall was pinned with an enthusiastic sell-out crowd was a mixed blessing – there was literally no room to move and this music just made you want to dance.

I would have loved to hear a bit more of Nadine’s singing – she got a rapturous response for her take on Loretta Lynn’s “Tippy Toeing”.

Also outstanding was when guitarist Sammy Lind took up the fiddle for an incredible set with just him and Joel Savoy on the stage. Awe-inspiring is about the only way to describe it. “We’re very proud of our musical heritage and our language” said Joel at one point. They should be.'

Cajun Country Revival at Talking Gigs, Sheffield
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Cajun Country Revival
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