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El Tanbura

Musical streetwise veterans from Port Said, with their ancient and modern tales from the old smoking dens to the banks of the Suez Canal.

Etran Finatawa

Sub Saharan desert nomads, harmoniously uniting opposing tribal cultures. Members of the group also available in solo and duo formats on request.

Ngawang Lodup

"Tibetan monk turned rock star" as the press labeled him as BBC Introducing's first World Music artist. Available for one-off shows.


NubaNour collective of singers and master frame drummers will reassemble at any time, just enquire if interested.

Sain Zahoor

We no longer book Sain Zahoor but maintain contact with his agent and can pass your enquiry on.

Sarah Savoy's Cajun Home Cooking.

Sarah is a qualified Louisiana chef, her cooking demos are legendary.

Sarah Savoy's Hell-Raising Hayride

Sarah's latest line-up, hell yeah!

Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys

Steve has been in pole position on the Cajun scene for decades and is still the torch-bearer.

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