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D & F Bros. Grand Indian Circus

Technical Conditions

Team:  8 people

6 artists, Director and driver

Hotel: 2/3 stars (when agreed in contract)

3 twin and 2 single rooms, with attached bathroom, telephone and if possible at the same floor.

Breakfast, fax and safe parking for one van to be available in the hotel.


Served after the performance

8 hot and very spicy Indian meals cooked by North Indians or Pakistanis.

In case of no Indian meals available, please prefer vegetarian or North African or Italian meals (chicken is agreed, pork and beef are strictly prohibited).

Cold drinks, mineral water, tea will be available.


One rooms with shower, hot water, one towel for each person, mirrors, chairs, tables…

Refreshments provided prior to the performance : Platter of vegetarian sandwiches, vegetarian salads, cold chicken, yogurts, fruits, bread, butter, cheese, spicy sauce, green chilies, salt, black pepper, juice, coffee & tea making facilities. (Yellow Lipton tea bags, milk, sugar, hot water)

Room must lockable with two keys supplied to the group.


The whole program runs for about 45 minutes, no interval.

Production team.

A stage manager should be available and local production assistants to assist with loading the heavy equipment  in and out.

Stewards should be positioned to ensure the audience remains outside of the performance and backstage areas, which should be roped or coned off. No persons including media are to be allowed into any part of the performance area or behind the backdrop or to distract the artists. 

Lighting crew are required for indoor performance or exceptionally during an outdoor show in hours of darkness.


Approx 90 minutes is needed prior to performance to set up the stage, décor  and props and about 75 minutes to dismantle after the show. The stage set can remain in place in between shows as long as the location is safe from interference from the public.

The artists also need about 0.5 hours to put on make-up and dress in costumes.

Stage plan

  • Outdoor

Width: 19m

Depth: 11m, 7 m's in front and 4 m's at back

Height : 8m clearance above ground or open sky

A flat, even, grass or earth surface is required for both the performers safety and to allow two metal crowbars to be driven into the ground in order to anchor the backdrop and the slack rope, both of which are supported by pairs of poles.

A 4m long bamboo pole will be erected vertically sunk into the ground to a depth of about 0.5m.

Confirmation will be required that there are no underground services that could be damaged.

The artists will supply an area of carpet to sit and perform on.

  • Indoor, only after consultation with Access All Areas.

Same dimensions with the lighting ramp and projectors fixed at least three metres above the rope to allow space for the artists walking on it.

The stage area must be of wood or similar, seamless and splinter free.

Two rings fixed into the stage or into two stands of cement must be available to tighten the rope and support the artists.

The bamboo poles and stakes will be covered with synthetic rubber at their  extremities.

Lighting :

Lighting is not required for daytime outdoor shows.

If required, lighting must be as natural and discrete as possible.

Basic Lighting rig with 2 colour wash + open white orchestra wash and Full Moving light rig to follow the artists on the rope and pick up them in light.

Cyclorama (if available)

Backlight and Sidelight.

Sound :

One instrument microphone on a stand for the musician and if possible ambient microphones at the front of the performance area to pick up the vocals of the other performers. For workshops one vocal mic is helpful.

Enquiries :

Please contact Graham Breakwell, Access All Areas, 01743 235384 or 07850 734182.  email






         O bamboo pole


                    ground performance area


                                                                   space for musicians

        X = Pair of cross poles to support slackrope


         S = metal stake in ground                                                


                                                  Space for materials, props

                                                   and for performers.


D & F Bros. Grand Indian Circus
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